VARIDESK New Product Launch – Pro Plus & Single Plus

We are pleased to announce that the latest part of the VARIDESK range has been launched in the UK today – the Pro & Single Plus models see the next stage in the evolution of the VARIDESK brand. Our success with the range of standing desks in the UK has been a great boost to […]

The Office Desk of the Future

Our work with the VARIDESK brand in the UK has led us to completely change the way staff in our London, Essex and Cape Town offices work. We wanted to share a few observations we have made over the last year on standing while working and then onto what an office desk of the future […]

We got one

No-0ne is to know but it’s the thing Ingram has nagged me about for months. Keep it quiet please and don’t tell him. And don’t you dare read the image tags. Purchased for R89 in a local supermarket. The three people I saw yesterday know the brand and the quality is well regarded.  


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