Gas Monkey Garage

Gas Monkey Garage Launched

Today saw the launch of the Gas Monkey Garage eCommerce shop for our friends across the pond in Dallas. The success of the American TV series “Fast & Loud” has seen the profile of the Gas Monkey Garage rocket since the start of the year and the eCommerce side of the website needed an overhaul […]
2 Endeavour Way

Office Refurb 2013

Having been in our current warehouse since 2008 it was time to refurb and design the place around our new needs. A team of staff went above and beyond and spent a Saturday getting everything in place. We salute you.
Big Roast

Big Roast – It is all worth it

So it hasn’t been the best of weeks in certain areas. Some of the businesses have had a few creaks, some people issues and other ‘things’ to be resolved. All part and parcel of the flotsam & jetsam of modern business life. Then the idiot goes and rips his ankle to pieces on a tennis […]
Worst Payout from a Liquidation Ever

Worst liquidation payout in history

Worst liquidation payout in history …… AKA …….. why do we give some customers credit. Receiving company liquidation letters from solicitors is not my favourite thing in the world to happen to us but like rainy days and traffic jams – shit happens sometimes. Businesses over-extend themselves, their customers don’t pay them and the doors […]
Birando South Africa

Birando South Africa launched | Online Retail

Rt7 have today launched their flagship retail website in South Africa building on the back of our retail websites in the UK and USA. Birando South Africa is initially supplying parts of the range of that we stock through our UK distribution company – Root7 – and will also be stocking part of our party-ware […]
Google Search Engine Optimisation

Google Teaching The Basics of Search

Google teaching the basics of search engine optimisation – surely they wouldn’t. Oh yes they have. Over the years we have learnt (and continue to learn) is a whole load on what search engines want from websites – and how this affects the rankings of search engines for any particular query. We have researched, practiced […]
Birando UK

Birando UK Relaunch | Cutting Edge Retail

Rt7 has relaunched the Birando UK website on Shrove Tuesday 2013. After a great response from our retailers at the Spring Fair we recognised that it was time to update our main retail website. Job done! Birando UK has been selling retail products in the UK since 2008 and is now focused on homeware & […]
Rt7 Digital Offices

Rt7 Digital Offices

Just launched today – Rt7 Digital Office in Cape Town. Small is beautiful. Looking forward to making a special business here in the long term. Work in progress at the moment  but for the basics of the brand go to the new Rt7 Digital website.  

Getting headshot shown in Google results

As part of the push for Google+ is the growing personalisation of search results. Getting your headshot shown personalises search result pages and will lead to a high click rate. To get author tags to be shown in wordpress the easiest plugin is WordPress Plugin – Google Plus Author Information in Search Result (GPAISR). You […]

Launching Molly in Cape Town Blog Site

As part of the upcoming move to South Africa for a year of my family I have set up a blog for my seven year old daughter to share her thoughts on the location/life/living with friends and family back in the UK. Mollyincapetown.com will hopefully become a place where her friends can interact with her […]

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