Corkcicle Awards celebrations | We wait with baited breath

Our wholesale brand – Root7 – is in the runnings to pick up Corkcicle Awards tonight at the annual Housewares Conference in the UK.

Corkcicle AwardsThe Housewares Magazine and have a long history of creating successful events for the housewares industry: the Housewares Conference, the Product of the Year Awards, and the Britain’s Best Retailer Awards. These innovation awards are an important annual event that often gives a good indication for buyers across the UK (and further afield) of what the biggest products will be in the house wares category this year.

The nomination for a the Corkcicle in the tableware category is a strong commendation for the efforts that our team has made in establishing a great contact base within houseware retailers across the UK over the years. It also highlights the ingenious design and function of the wine chiller. Simply place the Corkcicle in an open bottle of white wine and it keeps the wine chilled while the bottle is out of the fridge. More information on the product range including the Corkcicle Color can be found on

The corkcicle was launched by us in the UK in spring 2012 and over the last year we have added other products from the Corkcicle range.

The Root7 team will be found at a table at the event tonight enjoying the fine wines on offer and celebrating the success that they have already had in getting the Corkcicle into the short list. We hope to walk away with the winning position in our category and have a great year with the product.

Root7 is the exclusive distributor of the Corkcicle in the UK and sells to many retailers. Root7 was established in 1999 in the UK and distributes many houseware & barware products on an exclusive basis.

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Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton works to ensure that Rt7's companies continue to develop and grow.

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