Worst liquidation payout in history

Worst  Payout from a Liquidation EverWorst liquidation payout in history …… AKA …….. why do we give some customers credit.

Receiving company liquidation letters from solicitors is not my favourite thing in the world to happen to us but like rainy days and traffic jams – shit happens sometimes.

Businesses over-extend themselves, their customers don’t pay them and the doors have to close. Most of the time I have a lot of sympathy for the business owners as I would have to be in that position.

And then there are the ones that seem to have been planned by people who should never be allowed back into business today. You can see the letter attached but the highlight is £0.17 received – that is 0.0002p in the pound.

What is lovely is that the wrote a letter, issued a cheque and finally sent the cheque in the post. Obviously the value of the stamp was significantly higher than that of the cheque.

We will accept any other entries in the competition penned – “What is the Worst liquidation payout in history?”

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton works to ensure that Rt7's companies continue to develop and grow.

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