Citrus Zinger featured in Esquire

Citrus Zinger in EsqurieRoot7 took on the UK launch of the Citrus Zinger – a part of the Aqua Zinger range of drinking water bottles – back in November 2012.  A great editorial from Esquire magazine this month is a key moment for the range.

Launched to our retailers at the Spring Fair in Birmingham, the Citrus Zinger is a key part of the Zing Anything range. These innovative water bottles allow consumers to flavour their waters, salads and spirits with fruit and enjoy naturally flavoured drinks on the go.

“The  Citrus Zinger water bottle works by subtly infusing water with flavors. From cucumber to lemon and lime, to blackberries, kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, peach, ginger, or even mint and basil – your Citrus Zinger can infuse them all.”

We are selling the Zing Anything range across our existing retailers in the UK – and look forward to bringing a new edge to flavouring. Interested retailers should contact Root7 directly –

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton works to ensure that Rt7's companies continue to develop and grow.

He is responsible for generating interest in products and services we offer by leveraging online and offline marketing. He also spends his time writing about the world on his personal blog

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